Therapeutic Arts Workshops for Individuals & Groups

Auriel Sarah Eagleton

Masters trained, qualified HCPC registered Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, working with both adults and children.

Auriel provides art therapy, psychotherapy and counselling services to individuals, couples, groups and parents or carers with their children.

Auriel has also undergone training with Ian Siddons and is an Environmental Arts Therapist, working outdoors and bringing natural materials into the art therapy studio.

In Auriel's words:

I offer 1-to-1 therapeutic art sessions. This is not psychotherapy or counselling, neither is it art therapy. These sessions are designed to support individuals to explore themes and express themselves using the arts, working on specific goals or areas of interest. This is not appropriate for individuals in extreme difficulty or with histories of trauma, since there is not the same level of consistency and therapeutic support that therapy offers.


Therapeutic Arts sessions are directive and goal oriented, more similar to coaching but using the arts. Typically we would meet to agree on an area of your life you would like to explore, for example your career path, reconnecting with nature or transitioning to motherhood. I would then design specific arts-based activities that you use to explore your topic of interest. This work is usually time limited, typically 6-12 sessions per topic or goal.

My fee for therapeutic arts sessions is £30 for a 40 minute session.

Art for Autism and Special Educational Needs:

I recommend arts therapy for children struggling emotionally or with behavioural issues related to diagnosis. However, I do offer tailored 30-40 minute sessions with children to explore specific needs or areas of concern. This is not therapy, sessions are directive and goal oriented. For example, if a child has a low tolerance for frustration we might book blocks of 12 sessions, each offering a balance of enjoyment and frustration, to support the child to increase their frustration tolerance. Alternatively, a child might struggle with recognising emotions in others or themselves and we might design sessions that use play and the arts specifically to teach emotion labelling and recognition. Children with dyslexia might struggle with the alphabet and we might design sessions involving creating letters and exploring the alphabet using the arts, play and movement.

These are just examples of this genre of work but sessions are tailored to the individual and all manner of challenges or difficulties can be focussed on. Sessions can also be planned for adults with learning disability. 

If you think this approach might benefit you or your child, please arrange a meeting to discuss the behaviours or difficulties you would like to explore. We would have one meeting in which you describe the difficulty and what you would like to achieve and then a follow-up session to discuss my proposed approach and an outline for sessions before the work begins. All meetings and sessions are charged at £40

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Regina Martin

Regina is a multi disciplinary artist and musician with 20 years of experience in facilitating immersive experiences, bringing the community together in a joyful space for bonding and growth. 

She will be every Friday at the Cabin offering a big variety of workshops, courses, events, private sessions and collaborations. Drumming courses, singing circles, movement sessions, therapy and much more.

Regina is a multidisciplinary musician who weaves her drumming, singing and dancing to create experiences for people to come together and reach high states of consciousness for transformation to take place, bringing joyful feelings of inspiration and motivation into your daily life.

From very early age she had a passion for tribal music and their spiritual ceremonies. This passion moved her to travel around the world to learn the many ways people use musical rites as a gateaway to other realms.

She spent over ten years travelling to West Africa to learn the traditional drumming and dancing directly from master musicians in the villages. She participated in sacred rituals that transformed her visions and open her eyes to the importance and understanding of the element of music within the community, personal and spiritual connection.

Her innate curiosity and hunger kept her learning as much as she could from other traditional musical cultures from around the world giving her a wide rage of influences, which makes her very fluent in her capacity to fuse and blend many styles. 

For the last six years she felt the call to learn about the power of sound and chanting as another tool for transformation and healing. She became passionate about the ancient knowledge behind singing Sanskrit mantras, Medicine music from the South America, Mongolian chanting, overtoning and sounding, all which has become an essential part of her sessions. 

She creates unique musical journies with her own personal way and unique femenine flavor, combining the many elements she has learned along her many journeys, the sharing from the elders and what comes from her own meditation practice. 

"Every session is different, I believe magic happens when you allow it to flow", Regina


Her aim is to share her ways and bring others to a space that connects them to the deepths of their heart, shift the many layers of unwanted emotions and thoughts; to experience the joy of letting the positive vibrations run through you and to feel united to the source and to one another sharing the big universal language of music.


“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” — Plato


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