Rates for hiring the cabin

Monday – Friday (8am-9pm only)

Please email queens.wood.cabin@gmail.com for all enquiries.

Long-term weekly bookings (include use of Art and Play materials, as well as the use of soft furnishings, cushions, rugs etc.)

£12/hour for a minimum 2 hour booking. We offer annual bookings that cover 52 weeks of the year on an ongoing contract, which you can give 6-8 weeks notice for if you choose to leave.

Block bookings for over 4hours are offered at a reduced rate of £11/hour

Block bookings (1-10 weeks)

If you are booking for a limited time the rate is £18-20 per hour.

If you need extra time for set up/cleaning you can pay quarter hourly chunks in addition to your booking.

Full and Half Day rates are also offered pending availability.

These rates do not apply for weekends. Weekend hire in rarely available but sometimes during the school holidays.

Please email queens.wood.cabin@gmail.com with dates if you would like to book on a weekend.

London Art Therapy and Ecotherapy Cabin