Nurturing Ourselves

with Claire de Boursac


You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection - Buddha


Often we are more generous to others than to ourselves.  It may be more familiar to give than to receive.  We might find it easy, almost automatic, to care for and be attuned to the needs of those around us while feeling unsure of how to turn this same kind and generous attention to ourselves.  Amidst the many demands of our busy lives, we often leave ourselves to last, bringing only what is left when the tasks of the day have been accomplished and needs of others tended to. In so doing, we sell ourselves short.   


In this workshop we’ll explore a different way of being.  One where we know, honour and nurture ourselves.  In this small, intimate group we will bring careful attention to our relationship with ourselves and others; explore how we give and receive care; deepen our understanding of our own needs, wants and desires and discover how we can best respond to them. 


We will work with discussion, reflection, meditation and creativity.  There will be suggestions of how to continue these explorations between sessions so we can make meaningful changes and really weave self-care into our daily lives.


We will meet on 6 Wednesday mornings from 9.30- 12.30 on

7th March, 21st March, 4th April, 18th April, 2nd May & 16th May


At The Wellbeing Cabin, Queen’s Wood (Highgate)

London  N10 3JP


Cost £295 (conc. available)


Claire de Boursac is a Humanistic Psychotherapist (BACP reg) with a particular interest in self-esteem, self-care and supporting people to live full and satisfying lives.  Alongside her therapy practice she works to support wellbeing through meditation, nature-therapy and forest bathing (shinrin yoku). 


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Women Sacred Drumming

with Regina Martin

Fridays 1-2.30pm starting 2nd Feb 2018

6 weeks course £150

Individual sessions £30

Booking needed


The Sacred beat of the drum is calling you. It is whispering gently into your heart? Will you answer the call?

Come to a safe space where Regina will help you connect with the power of the drum. She will teach you how to make it sound warm and rich, so it becomes your most creative tool to express all your emotions through it, bringing joy and uplifting feelings into your life.

The drum will ground you to the Earth energy, releasing all the unwanted tensions and emotions we hold in our wombs. Urban takes a lot from us and drumming is an amazing way to transform, shift and energise our mind, body and spirit.

This is a 6 weeks course for beginners and as an introduction to play the Djembe. You'll learn traditional rhythms from West Africa and songs from the land.

*Sounds of the drum
*Signals on the drum
*Cross rhythms
*Solo and improvisation

Only 10 spaces available. Drums provided.
Bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothing.
Children are welcome in the space, they will have rattles to play with.

Mantras + Medicine Music + Cacao

With Regina Martin

Fridays 1-2.30pm starting 2nd Feb 2018

£15/£20 at the door


There is a special and exciting feeling about coming together on a Friday evening, to melt our voices together in prayer and raise them to the stars.

Come, make the "Yatra" to the secluded Shrine in the heart of the ancient Queen's Wood land, where you will be welcome by the flickering candle lights and the fragrant scent of incense. This is our space and time to dive into inner peace, inner silence and bring joy to the heart.

"Calling the divine names, calling the elements, calling our ancestors, calling the light...." 


No previous experience needed.

Warm and comfortable clothing

Bring blanket and cushion for extra coussiness.

Water of bottle.

Limited spaces.


Cacao Ceremony

We'll serve a hot drink of 100% Cacao with spices to warm your heart. This subtle but powerful medicine plant from the Amazon, known as the love food, is used by the indigenous people for its beneficial properties, as a source of energy and also as a mood enhancer. It's essence travels straight to the heart, to open and liberate us from the mind and shift unwanted emotions, bringing us into a deep space of freedom to spark the inner joy and peace within you. 


Regina Martin is a percussionist and singer with a wide range of musical influences she has gathered from the people, during her travels around the world over many years. She is passionate about sharing the music as the bonding tool that brings community together and as a spiritual practice to open other realms of consciousness. Along the shamanic pulse of her drum she shares mantras, medicine songs, chants and her own songs, all coming from her heart with joy and peace.