This page will describe attachment-based parent-child interventions, reference research and emphasise that the work isn't art therapy per se but it draws on the techniques of art therapy to support parent-child bonding and to work through conflict and difficulties.
Unlike the sometimes open-ended art therapy offered on a one-to-one or group basis, this form of therapeutic intervention is usually actioned according to an agreed treatment plan with quarterly reviews in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the therapeutic support and plan ongoing work if necessary. It starts with a period of observation as the therapist gets to know the family and becomes more directive than some other forms of therapy as the therapist suggest activities and techniques to be carried out both in the therapy space and at home with the parent.
It is suited to any parent who feels concerned about their very young child or baby and would like support with their relationship in order to best support the childs development, or parents of older children who might have relationship or behavioural concerns, including parents with children who have special needs, where the parent might need additional support in managing and developing their relationship, interactions and the learning environment that they provide at home.