‘A central feature of ecological therapy is taking clients out of doors and “into nature” – working with the client outdoors but taking the indoors framework of psychotherapy with us… Equally, it is possible to bring the out-of-doors indoors’ (N. Totton, 2012)


Environmental Arts Therapy Individual Sessions:

Environmental arts therapy can be understood as therapy that works with natural materials in natural environments through the unfolding year. The use of an integrative arts approach encourages feeling states to be externalised through imagery, sculpting, modelling, bodywork, poetry and drama.


HCPC Registered Art Psychotherapist and Environmental Art Therapist Gary Nash provides art therapy in this woodland habitat, offering the option to work indoors in the eco-cabin and to move out-of-doors to work directly with your creativity in Nature.


Environmental Arts Therapy Group: Gary and Vanessa Jones have established an on-going Environmental Arts Therapy group entitled the Circle of Trees based on the original group of the same name which was pioneered by Ian Siddons-Heginworth in Devon.


Running throughout the year, the Circle of Trees offers a fortnightly evening therapy group for therapists, trainees and professionals in education, health and social care who are looking to deepen their relationship with nature and support feelings of interconnection and wellbeing within a nurturing and living environment.


Gary’s practice and the Circle of Trees group is based at Queen’s Woods eco-studio on Wednesdays, Individual sessions 3.30 – 6.30 pm Group alternate Wednesday’s 6.30 – 8.30pm


Environmental Arts Therapy Supervision: Clinical supervision of arts therapists who are planning to move their practice out-of-doors is provided on an individual basis. This may be helpful for practitioners who have completed the introduction course as well as for therapists who are already working with clients in the natural environment.

 phone: 0776 9941567

 email: gary.nash@arthpractice.com