Psychotherapists & Counsellors Working with Children

Auriel Sarah Eagleton

Auriel is an HCPC registered Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, trained at Masters level, working with both adults and children.


I am passionate about supporting children to thrive and reach their best potential in all areas of life. I see each child as an individual and work with their strengths to support them through emotional difficulty or trauma and to develop social and emotional skills.

I don't shy away from addressing practical and behavioural difficulties. I have a special interest in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and autism (ASD). I recognise that in some cases it is as important to address and explore educational needs and behavioural strategies as it is to support children to achieve emotional wellbeing. Indeed the two are linked. A child who feels confident about their capacity in the world and who understands expectations of their behaviour geared toward their health, safety and wellbeing, is typically a more grounded and happier child. Likewise, emotional wellbeing is often at the root of other difficulties. Unlocking and working through emotional difficulties while building self-resources, helps children to thrive.

I structure sessions according to the individual needs of the child. Sometimes this will entail a lot of free play and emotional exploration, for example for a child who struggles to play, socially interact and engage with life. At other times sessions might be structured to offer some free exploration and some set activities, for example with children who struggle to accept direction, become over stimulated or chaotic.

I work with parents and carers to establish children's ongoing needs throughout the course of therapy, though my approach is also very much child-led. I offer both Integrative Arts Counselling (using play-based and arts based interventions to meet children at their level of need and understanding) and 1-1 therapeutic arts workshops geared more specifically to a need or difficulty the child is facing in life, for example working on developing frustration tolerance. The latter is not counselling or psychotherapy as it is directed toward a single goal or outcome, while therapy and counselling will address the broader needs of the child. In cases of trauma or extreme difficulty therapy or counselling will always be recommended, as emotional needs that are left unattended have a direct impact on behaviour and wellbeing.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your child's needs. I may refer you to another therapist if I feel they might be a better fit for your child's specific needs.

Mobile: 07859161555




Louise Fitzpatrick

Integrative Arts Psychotherapist/ Art Therapist

(MA), UKCP, HCPC and BAAT  Registered

I have been working as an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist for many years, seeing clients privately and within NHS, NGO and various school settings.

As an Arts Therapist, I believe that creativity is central to the process of self-discovery, healing, change and transformation.


As well as offering ‘talking Therapy,’ I encourage the use of the arts in sessions – especially when words are too much or not enough. Using different creative methods can help reach places that we cannot get to by talking alone. The arts can also help us explore and better understand the layers of meaning within therapy sessions. This can include working with painting, drawing, clay, sculpture, collage, small worlds, sand tray, poetry, story and myth, movement and ritual.


I also work as an Environmental Arts Therapist (training 2015), which stems from my belief in the inherent wisdom of nature to heal and restore, and an interest in how the cycles and themes within the natural world relate to the human psyche.


My work as a therapist is largely informed by over 8 years experience teaching yoga, with a focus upon body and breath, and the relationship between mental, emotional and physical states.


As an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, my theoretical approach combines the Western Psychotherapeutic thinking of Psychodynamic and Humanistic schools, including Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Transactional

Analysis, and in particular Gestalt Therapy. My understanding of the human condition is further influenced by the philosophy and psychology of Eastern Traditions (particularly Indian and Tibetan).


A belief in the interconnected relationship between individuals and their wider environment – both past and present – is intrinsic to my thinking and work as a therapist.


I offer both short-term and long-term therapy, depending on individual needs.


Mobile : 07718 897 164
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Gary Nash

HCPC Registration : AS00308        
BAAT Registration : 20279

Art Therapist & Clinical Supervisor


In Gary's Words:

I qualified to practice Art Therapy in 1989 graduating from Goldsmiths’ college London. I gained my MA in Art Therapy at St Albans in 1995. I have subsequently completed the Environmental Arts Therapy training in 2014.

An integrative arts approach My theoretical approach, methodology and practice is defined by the role of affective and symbolic imagery. The symbolic artworks made in therapy are central to the development of client communication both conscious and unconscious, as the visual and verbal narratives emerge over time giving rise and access to transferencial material.  

I use amplification and dialoguing with my clients and their artwork in order to examine and facilitate the visual narratives which emerge through images made in art therapy. I encourage personal reflective process recording between sessions and dream analysis in my practice. My arts-psychotherapy approach pays attention to body-work and I also use Jungian sandplay in my practice.

I am committed to the connection between creativity and the expression of the unconscious. Whether through images, dreams, symbols or words our personal worlds are given deeper meaning, colour and form when we use the expressive power of art.

My training, practice and professional interest is Jungian and Object Relations whilst also based in a person-centred approach. My practice is informed by the theories of Jung, McNiff, Winnicott and Bowlby.

Clinical Supervision 
I am a BAAT registered private practitioner and clinical supervisor for all age groups and clinical specialisms. I offer clinical supervision within the NHS, voluntary sector and in the private sector. I have been developing art therapy in schools since 2008 and providing trainee support and supervision within mainstream education. Specialist areas include private practice, addictions, children & adolescents, mental health and environmental arts therapy individuals and groups.

Environmental Arts Therapy
I am currently developing an ‘environmental arts therapy’ approach for some clients who are particularly drawn to work with art-making and ritual in nature. This approach integrates movement and drama techniques into an arts-based practice which draws on the role of story/visualisation and myth, poetry and play in relation to the metaphors we find in nature.

I co-facilitate the ‘Circle of Trees’ environmental arts therapy group which offers an integrative arts therapy approach using sculpture, movement, poetry and myth within therapeutic woodland spaces in London.

Mobile: 0776 9941567